About us





History of Practice

SP&P (Stephen Penny & Partners) was established in 1984 providing comprehensive accountancy, audit, taxation advice and business advice to a large range of clients.  The practice has remained in its Bournemouth office expanding in 1998 into the former NatWest bank. 


For many of our clients the involvement in their businesses has been from inception and we have assisted these clients throughout their development. 



Our Philosophy

The practice is pro-active and ensures that all clients, staff and professional contacts are kept up to date with all changing regulations & legislation as well as anything that may affect individual clients or their businesses. We pride ourselves on ensuring all our clients have regular contact with the firm whenever they required.


Who do we Provide Services for

SP&P has a diverse client base ranging from Sole Traders, Partnerships, Limited Companies and Charities.  In addition to which we have expertise in dealing with a variety of industries including engineering, retail, builders, hospitality, web designers, property development, medical in addition to other professional services.


We also offer a “Tax Only” Services to accommodate the needs of those who wish to conduct tax planning and plan for the future.


SP&P can accommodate any business, large or small or indeed individuals with any tax, accountancy or business related advice.


No business is too big or small for us to assist in their ongoing development and future growth.