Every set of accounts is dealt with promptly and accurately by experienced members of staff. SP&P believe that each set of accounts is important and is given the same priority.


Limited Companies

Every limited company is required to file accounts with the Registrar of Companies on an annual basis – the recent changes to the Companies Act 2006 require these to be filed 9 months after the company year-end.


SP&P makes all clients are aware of their relevant important dates and ensure that records are received and the accounts are prepared and filed without incurring penalties. 


Once records are received, SP&P strive to complete accounts in good time to ensure that payments of Corporation Tax are not a “surprise” and can be prepared and planned for.


Sole Traders

SP&P adopts the same policy with our sole traders as that for limited companies.


Even though they are not required to be filed with Companies House they still carry the same priorities to get the accounts completed to ensure that there is plenty of time prior to the due tax payment date of 31 January.




SP&P have a wide range of experience in dealing with specialist accounts and can assist with the following: 

  • Pension Accounts
  • Solicitors Accounts
  • Charity Accounts
  • Church Accounts
  • Clubs & Societies Accounts
  • Trust Accounts
  • School Accounts


Management Accounts

Accountancy is by its nature a bit backwards and as such most businesses and other organisations including banks and alternative finance providers like to be kept in the loop with a businesses financial affairs on more "real time" basis.  This can be done via the preparation of cashflows, budgets, forecasts and Management Accounts.  Management accounts can provide the directors and owners of the business a clear guide as to how they are doing throughout their financial year and not just at the end when the tax bill arrives! SP&P tailor this service to your business and gear the information generated into a format that is right for you and what you want to know about. This can be done monthly, quarterly or six-monthly. 

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Cash Flows

In recent economic times, “cash flows” have become increasingly popular trying to monitor the levels of cash your business has and how this is affected throughout your trading year.


You may be struggling to meet your monthly or quarterly financial commitments. The preparation of a Cash Flow could benefit you to assist in planning.