Outsourcing your payroll requirements can reduce your costs and also reduce your time spent away from the core of your business. We are experienced in dealing with running payrolls for sole traders, partnerships and companies both large and small.


Real Time Information (RTI) is new payroll legislation introduced by H M Revenue and Customs and now most payrolls have to be or will soon have to be compliant under RTI. As a firm, we use 100% RTI compliant software and inclusive in your payroll costs will be the monthly reports that RTI require to be submitted to HMRC every payment date and therefore reducing the burden and stress away from you and risk of any penalties for non-compliance.


The payrolls can be processed weekly, fortnightly, monthly, four weekly or even annually if required.


The PAYE/NIC due for payment will be calculated and the final figure due for payment is provided for you. The payslips and relevant documents are produced and sent to you directly. 

Depending on your business requirements we can assist with the actual direct payments to your employees either by Telephone or Internet Transfers. 

With Auto-Enrolment coming into force for all businesses over the next few years, this will impact on how you run your payroll, we can take away the strain and deal with all the relevant issues including providing the necessary figures to your pension company leaving you the time to run your business. 

See our Payroll Services Leaflet which provide more information about the payroll services we offer.

Year End Forms
We can assist you with completion of the following:

  • P11D 
  • P60’s

If we are running your monthly payroll service then these forms become an automatic formality as soon as the 5 April year-end approaches. We can also complete the end of year forms and submit them electronically to H M Revenue and Customs as an additional service.